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General FAQ’s

Membership/Staying Informed 

I would like to receive email updates about the sale.  Can I get on an email list?  Yes. Click on the “Join the mailing list” link at the top of the page.  And to ensure you receive the emails, add to your address book, safe list, etc. so it will not be blocked as spam. 

Why should I sign up to be a Neat Repeatz Member?  When you become a Neat Repeatz Member, you'll be set to sign up and consign at any Neat Repeatz sales.  You’ll receive first notice via email or postcard about the dates and locations for upcoming sales and when consignors can register for the sale. 

How do I sign up to be a Neat Repeatz Member?  Select “Become a Member” and fill out your information.  You will need a valid email address, unique password and direct deposit information (when you actually sign up to consign at a sale).    


What is the deadline for sign-upSign-up will close 5 days prior to the first Check-In Day.  This is to allow you enough time to adequately prepare your items.  However, sign-up is limited, so if it fills up, sign-up may close earlier.   

How much does it cost to consign with Neat Repeatz?  Consignors are charged a nominal $4.00 consignor fee.  Additionally, you earn 60% of the asking price on sold items (80% on any item sold for $75 or more) and Neat Repeatz retains 40% as commission.  No money is charged up front, so if things change and you decide not to consign this time, no fee is charged.  Also, if you volunteer just one shift the consignor fee is waived. 

Why would I consign with Neat Repeatz instead of the alternatives (such as year-round consignment shops, garage sale, online auction)?  Neat Repeatz offers a higher commission than most consignment shops and you get to set the price with us. We also draw thousands of shoppers at each event unlike a consignment shop or garage sale. Because we offer so many items in one location, inspected and organized, shoppers are willing to pay a higher price than they would at a garage sale. Plus, we take care of promoting the event so you don’t have to hang signs or take out classifieds. Finally, online auctions have their benefits but Neat Repeatz supports our local economy, local charities and allows local families to save and earn money. 

Can someone without Internet access be a consignor?  An item entry form is provided at the top of the page after logging in, under "Printable Forms", you can fill it out and take it to a friend’s house or the local library to enter online. 

I have a computer but do not have an adequate printer for the tags. What can I
do?  We’ve arranged a good deal with FedEx Office at 48th & Old Cheney in Lincoln.  Input your items as usual and when you’re ready to print your tags, follow the directions on the page to send the files to Kinko’s for printing. 

What items do you consider "in season?"  For our Fall Sale, we will accept any fall and winter clothing, snow boots, children’s sleds, etc.  Short sleeved shirts, Capri pants, and outdoor toys are accepted but they do seem to sell better at the Spring sale.  No bathing suits, shorts, sandals, swimming pools or pool toys, etc.  For our Spring sale, we will accept spring and summer clothing, light jackets and pants, rain boots, sandals, swim suits, wading pools and pool toys. Jeans and warm pajamas are accepted at all sales, just avoid holiday-themed items and snow outerwear in Spring. 

What happens to items that don't sell?  During the item entry process, you are asked if you wish to pick-up or donate any unsold items.  Items selected for pick-up will be available on pick-up day (see Calendar for the appropriate sale).  Items selected for donation will be picked up by local charities. These organizations vary from year to year depending on their needs.  Visit our About Us page for more information on previous charities we've supported.  Your final online item list will show what items were donated for your tax purposes.

I have signed-up for the sale and have a check-in time.  What do I do next?  Login to the website and begin entering your item descriptions by selecting the “My Adult's Items” or "My Children's Items" option at the top of the page.  When your item descriptions are all entered, you'll print your tags and affix them to your clean, properly prepared items according to our instructions outlined on the website.   

When do I get to shop?  As a consignor you automatically receive 3 points which is worth a pre-sale pass to shop the second presale day, after the volunteers, but before the public.  Believe don't want to miss presale!  You can shop earlier by volunteering one or more shifts. The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop.  Your pre-sale pass will be presented when you bring your items on your check-in day.  Go to the Volunteer page after logging on to view the pre-sale dates and times. 


Where is the sale located?  To keep overhead low and allow consignor’s the best returns, Neat Repeatz does not own a permanent property. Rather, we look for the best location each season.  We often don’t know the sale location until 6 weeks prior to the sale. Check the Location link for the most current information. 

What forms of payment are accepted?  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 

Does it cost anything to enter the sale?  No, we never charge a fee to come shop!  

Can I bring my children to the sale?  Children are welcome on public sale days. Remember that there are many items to look through and do consider that the first day and last day are very busy.  While we do our best to make the checkout process quick, occasionally, long lines do occur.  For safety reasons, children are not allowed at presale.

Can I try on items?  We do not have changing rooms available.  Some Mom's take measurements of their children and then measure the clothing to ensure a great fit.

What will I find at the sale?  You will find a selection of over 50,000 items – all clean, inspected and organized – in one location.

What is presale and how can I participate in that?  For the three days prior to the public sale, we open our doors to our closest friends – our consignors, volunteers, corporate sponsors and expectant moms. You can earn a presale pass by consigning a minimum of 15 items or volunteering for at least one shift. The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop. Corporate sponsor employees will receive their passes at work. Expectant moms can get their presale pass through their ob/gyn office about a month prior to the sale or by clicking here and printing out the pass.

Have a question not answered here?  Chances are someone else is wondering, too. Contact us at or (402) 580-3238.

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